Launching the Tech Ecosystem in Ghana & Africa.

Following the success of the Haiti Tech Summit which hosted 100 global speakers, Einstein Ntim is to launch the Ghana Tech Summit in July 2018.

The Ghana Future Leaders 30 Under 30 entrepreneur is already the founder of the largest digital online startup accelerator for the continent of Africa, graduating 100 companies annually. He is also the co-host of  30+ global boot camps a year providing access to capital experts speaking on topics covering entrepreneurship, AI, exponential technologies and emerging markets.

During his time in silicon valley, Einstein worked on connecting startups to Tim Draper’s venture networks, Bold Emerge Capital, and other VC networks that target entrepreneurs from emerging markets. As an influencer within startup networks in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Africa, Einstein sits on Singularity University’s Advisory Board for Inclusion.

“Hosting these programs in Ghana not only aims to revitalize economic activity in the country but to also provide a new narrative for Ghana and emerging markets” says- Einstein Ntim.


Maggie Chin- Press Lead Secretary

Global Startup Ecosystem Team